Wish lists

All this talk of renovating reality television shows has really got my cogs turning. My urge and drive to find my perfect digs is now becoming unbearingly painful. I see so many beautiful things out and about during the day, and living in a tiny unit has definately snuffed out my urge to buy any new homeware pieces. In saying all this- it has not stopped my eyes from sifting through the internet for items that quite frankly make me weak at the knees. I think this will be some of my wish list.

These chicks Camilla and Olivia are the masterminds behind MOZI

Where to start on their deliciousness of the fabrics? Quirky designs? Posh practicality?

I'll share my favourite practical MOZI product which is the shower cap range. Eat your heart out to any other shower cap I have owned. This deluxe cap is super cute but made with such quality elastic there are no chances of sneaky water creeping its way inside your dry locks. (I know its crazy I could talk up a shower cap!). 

Cute right?

My family got decked out with MOZI stuff for Christmas last year. The cool thing about these products are that the price points allow for any budget.

Mumsy dear looked amazing in her apron with matching oven mit over Christmas!
Anywho.... back to my wish list

I love making my guests room a true home away from home. I love the welcome feeling of beautiful linen and heavenly bedspreads. Comfort lighting and bath products to soak away the tired travelling legs makes me smile.

What do you like to do for your guests? I love a cocktail night and tapas! Easy and will definately please!


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