Im in luurrvve!

These silhouettes are amazing! Insanely floating my boat.

How freaking cool! Stumbling across sweet things on etsy makes me smile. You can find all these beautiful prints from charmaineolivia's shop.

Silhouettes and sunshine!

Linda xxx.

Happy Weekend Lovelies!

ahhhh....a real entire weekend in the new digs! Can't wait to chill and enjoy! My advice... definately take a page out of my book and love up your weekend!!

What are you getting up to??

Linda xxx.

Over the years of having a boyfriend who has been married in the past i've had to learn about Jealousy.  

It is a curse. It will consume you if you let it.

Ive never in my life ever thought that I was a jealous person. Ive never been one to look at others and wish for what they have. I am happy to say that I normally smile and feel glad for them, and maybe ask them for what their elixer is for a happy life.

I think as a young chick you tend to daydream about your perfect guy. I never dreamed of falling in love with a guy who 13 years my senior, has an ex wife and a young child. Never. I was not prepared for any of it. But after hooking up with Simon I found myself jealous of contact that he would have with his ex wife, stories of his past and the baggage that came with that. It took me a while to re-adjust my thinking and realise that she is his ex for a reason, and if he still loved her they would be together.

Yesterday though I had a haunting of jealousy which completely fuelled such an angry fire... and reminded me of how curses can grip your life if you enable it. I was so angry that she (the ex wife) had ruined or perished a part of Simon. That I am left to deal with her unkind words and actions that have killed a part of him. That I see what she does to him when she writes manipulating emails or rings...and I was pissed/angry/sad/over it. 

It suprised me to see how quickly I went through a vortex of emotions, how the curse ravaged and engolfed me.... and the only person who could change that was me. Not her, not him, but me. I was the only person manifesting this shitty horrible feeling.

After seeing what I had scribbled in my diary and the time it took me to realise what was going on, I was so suprised that i'd let jealousy come creeping back in.

I think I really wanted to share this post so that people out there don't waste their energy, time, love on jealousy.

That shit will destroy you. You are better than that.

In good vibes & love. 
Linda xxx.

Shifts & Gifts!

I have crawled out from under my sickness rock only to shift house. Shifting house really is the pits. I have shifted alot in the last couple of years and I have vowed that this is the last one. Im buying a house and i'll be staying there for a while. *humpf*. Simon has been diligently heading off to work so i've down the shifting by myself with a cameo appearence from my Mum! (yah mum!). Oh and of course Sanchez.  The dog definately helped out in his own little way.... sitting on the freshly folded clothes pile tower and pushing it over or laying on the towels.

Although I think he though I was going to leave him behind so the minute I put his dog bed in the car that is where he was staying put til we left.  Very cute I thought!

Forget me not. x.  

The raddest thing this week is the amount of parcels I have gotten in the post. Mostly online shopping items but my favourite suprise was from the 'Artichoke designs' craft swap'.

My craftswap buddy was Zara over at Zaranne Handmade. I had totally forgotten that we posted our items to each other (I blame the flu). Soooo........ i get this...(I ripped open the parcel before I could take photo of it untouched)... eep so excited.

 A gorgeous little drawstring bag containing another mystery parcel...

I was completely spoilt by Zara. It was really hard to pick a favourite item out of her beautiful treats. I really loved it all. The part that warmed my heart was that she put in a special item for Sanchez. What a gal!!! I can't thank her enough!

I know that Zara has her University exams this week so I wish her the bestest of luck! Hope you rock it girl!

This weekend im off for a roadtrip to my hometown- Rockhampton. My Uncle is having a his 60th birthday. My Uncle and his son (my cousin) have been busy preparing their Hangi pit. Its a traditional Mauri (New Zealand) method of cooking food. When everyone is in there helping, there is such a  sense of community- the women methodically wrapping the food (to ensure it doesn't get covered in dirt) and the men out digging the hole and getting the coals hot is such a nice feeling.

Now that the house is pretty much finished being unpacked I can get ready for the next couple of days at work.

Happy hump day.

Linda xxx.

Smiles for Saturday!






Black death

This could be my last blog. I am using my last ounce of energy to type. This week has been long and dangerous and probably close to death. I ladies and gentlemen, have a HEAD COLD. Your common garden variety of snot producing, coughing and spluttering and man voice that comes with it. The "man voice" component of this cold has had its advantages as I was promptly sent home from work for 2 days! Although the excitement that comes with that is then blasted back to reality by a colossal sneeze, and a crawl into bed.

Quite dramatic really. I work as a nurse and have seen the best actors pretending to be sick. So really every day I am at the "Academy Awards"....lucky I know.... of fuckwits eerr patients. Really if you have to pretend you really aren't that sick. Suck it up. ARGGHH! rant about work over. however my segway was going to be about how pathetic I am as a patient.


That's me. The swan. So bad that when i was maybe around 16 I had probably a much similar sickness and i yelled out to my dad to bring me my afternoon cold and flu tablets. So dad comes in and groans and gives me the tablets and water and leaves. (lovely dad). 

6 HOURS LATER..... whoah! gees dad i slept well! So good. My dad responds. "Yer it was a good sleep, you stopped whinging- that night tablet certainly does work!".

* my kind aforementioned 'lovely dad' had actually poisoned me/drugged me/hoodwinked me (have you will) with the night time tablet in the day time to shut his precious first born up. NICE. I'll probably remember that for my kids because if they are a chip of this old block- they wont cope well with sickness. 

Although i shouldn't really have kids especially if have been diagnosed with .. Alzheimers disease??
Diagnosis for headaches, phlegm, fevers, coughing About Dr. Google

Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease (AD), also called Alzheimer disease, Senile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type (SDAT) or simply Alzheimer's, is the most common form of dementia. This incurable, degenerative, and terminal disease was first described by German psychiatrist and neuropathologist Alois Alzheimer in 1906 and was named after him.
Although the course of Alzheimer's disease is unique for every individual, there are many common symptoms.
As the disease advances, symptoms include confusion, irritability and aggression, mood swings, language breakdown, long-term memory loss, and the general withdrawal of the sufferer as their senses decline.
The cause and progression of Alzheimer's disease are not well understood. Research indicates that the disease is associated with plaques and tangles in the brain.
Because AD cannot be cured and is degenerative, management of patients is essential. The role of the main caregiver is often taken by the spouse or a close relative.

hahahh. enough of that though} THE POSITIVE was that I could stay in bed and finish my crafting project for Artichoke designs Craft swap. I was really quite nervous sending my craft off to a stranger hoping that they will like it! My buddy was Zara. It was cool to see her getting excited on her blog too!

Happy Saturdays Peeps! 

Linda xx