Lest we forget

'Lest we forget' by David Frazer

Yesterday was ANZAC (Australia & New Zealand Army Corps) day. It is a day Australia marks  Nationally to say thank you to all the fallen and current soldiers who continue to protect our country and those who have died doing so. Its such an amazing day of mixed emotions. I guess for me hearing the helicopters fly over at dawn sends chills up my spine, but I love seeing all the soldiers, and their representatives in the ANZAC marches. I think its such a proud moment for them and for me as an Australian.

We get to play two up in the pubs and shout diggers beers. Its such a great celebration after a sombre morning.  I know im grateful to be Australian. 

Lest we forget.

Earth day

Happy Earth day for Friday peeps! I had a great day today with my sister here visiting- I had a Saturday local market wingman! We trekked off to enjoy a good old fashion market day.

I loved seeing all the upcycled market stall holders, people with their odds and ends everywhere, and granny's with their yummy cooking!

This was complimented by an amazing chat with a stallholder who had upcycled woolen jumpers into slippers! they looked so cool. (no photos cause im a scaredy pants and need to work on my confidence in asking people to take their photos).

Has anyone got any tips they use to ask people for photos??

Easter lovin'

Im really excited at the moment, as Easter long weekend is coming up and some of my friends are driving from my home town for a mini getaway to the Sunshine coast! Which means i'll get to see my little godson and my bestie! Of course i want to drown him in chocolate eggs and chocolate bilby's- but I wanted to make him a bit of a zany Easter present. So using some felt I had around the place this is my progress so far...
I made a super basic template

 Im still umming and ahhhring over his nose and mouth style?? hmmm... I'd love suggestions please!!

My sister is coming up also! heheh might play some board games and enjoy delish wine- all while eating chocolate eggs!

What else gets you pumped up over long weekends??

The Silver Fox?.... er... The Silver back?..... hmmm... The Snow Leopard... hmmm nope. I just can't class it up. GREY HAIRS. A whole clump of them has invaded the side of my head! WTF? Im 26 years young. Im in my prime dammit.  SOS call to my mother- who in the most motherly (annoying at point of crisis) tone informs me that she is 'suprised that I have kid myself for so long' and 'haven't realised sooner'. .... im so confused. what? pfft. As if all my hairdressers have lovingly taken my hard earned minimal wage money since I was 14 years old.. and not one of them has informed me of the 'grey clumping issue' happening above my ear?? 

     ..."Welcome to my world, darling".

Gee thanks Mum.

Linda Green. 26 years of age.

Happy Mondays!

I hope everyone had a beaut weekend. Im still excited from the op shop (thrift store) finds! Despite my little glassware treats, we got this great interior fabric which will be perfect for our van. Yah!

Simon driving us home from thrifting! 

Simon (BF) and I have a van that we are currently fitting out so it will make our lives alot more easier when we go doofing. Ive been pondering over colour schemes and practicalities etc. Yer Yer... its gotta be dark etc, so blacks, purples, midnight blues, but i needed PIZAZZ!

So the pondering manifested into a great deal of blogsurfing (hang in there with me there is a segway to the interior of the van). There are some chicks out there who seriously crack me up! Their writing style is fantastic not to mention the accompanying photos. Anyyywhhooo... so there I was cracking up at Erin's blog, particularly the 'Apartment Bullsh*t' section where she was sharing her tale of the much awaited bedspread... then i was thinking..."definately worth the wait Erin- cool colours, INFACT... even cooler... the zebra"

Total van lightbulb moment-  the sneeky new addition to my interior van colour scheme....ZEBRA PRINT.

eeep! I think the inside of our van is going to be sooo delish we won't even be bothered with the outdoors! hahah.

These colours

Definately add some silver
and turquoise/blues


Van of dreams!

Thrifting joy!

I just had to share this...... just got back from a great thrift adventure. Picked up thrifting reminents to decorate the interior of our van/winnebego, annnnnd these super cute dutchess items. Ive given them a spit and polish and for a whoopping $2.50 im stoked. My nic naxs have already made their way in to them!

Saturday eye candy!

My heart sung when I saw these prints from Kirra Jamison. Im really stuck for words on this! (rare). Have a look for yourself...

Cosmic might
gouache and vinyl on paper
106.5 x 76 cm

Waiting world (Joshuas)
acrylic, gouache, pen and ink on polyester
167 x 122 cm

Make me dream of you
gouache and vinyl on paper
76 x 56 cm

Surrender star
gouache and vinyl on paper
152 x 112 cm

Her exhibition is coming up on the 19th April - 14th May @ the Sophie Gannon Gallery. Go! Im totally jealous. x Happy weekend. x

Food envy!

After living back at the boyfriends parents house in order to save for said house- we have sadly lost the ability to cook and eat what we really love. (I know it sounds like a total cop out, and ive tried to cook them a vege meal but they just aint feeling it). So in memory of the delish raw food we'd eat in the past... i pay homage!

Avocado & Banana smoothie/icecream

This green smoothie/icecream is so delish! I think the green is the challenging bit for some people. I take great pleasure in telling people whats in it- cause they love it so much once they try it! Super easy!

1 frozen banana (cut into 3 sections- for easy blending)
1 ripe avocado
All into the food processor til smooth
other treats you can add:
(raw honey- if you have a sweet tooth) 
choice of seeds (i love sunflower seeds on mine)
maca powder
anything really

cacao balls

These little guys (bad photo) are yummy. I wrap them individually as a treat for the girls at work... I have to warn them about the dates/prunes (runny tummies- eep!). It sure beats the samey cakes that are brought in. The cute wrapping I put them in grabs their attention!

 a cup of dates/prunes
any seeds you want (i put in sunflower,seasame, linseed)
1/2 cup of raw cacao powder all in a food processor (til desired texture)
I add some lemon/orange zest for a extra yummy flavour
roll into balls and allow to set in fridge 

I have had some serious food (& blog) envy looking these stunning blogs. Please do yourself a favour and check out these blogs. Ive been scribbling down some of these recipes! 

ps. to those listed bloggers (and so many more out there)- kudos. you guys rock!

Mad Hatter!

In planning for my new kitchen- i love a mismatched tea set. I hit the op shop and had some wins. Anthropologie have got some beautiful inspiration. Love!

My weekend catalogue!

Had a great weekend of family and shopping for my sisters spare room! We did sooooo well! All the furniture is getting either delivered or put together so definately watch this space. I'll have to share these pics with you of my beautiful family and friends. I wish i got my dad is some pics!

My sister Judith and Me

My little dog Sanchez all snuggled up in my bed!

My Mum to the left of mum is my youngest sister Loren, Judith and me. Do we look alike??

Me and my friend Teagen.

Me and ze pooch!

I hope all you lovelies had a great weekend too! Happy Mondays! xxx.

Happy Friday!!!

Well the weekend has almost arrived. I know this weekend will be particularly special as my gorgeous pooch is coming home! My parents (nanny and poppy) have had him while ive been overseas (they spoil him rotten) check him out!

Enjoy the weekend! I'll be hunting down a wine bar to enjoy some beautiful company and love!

Subtle nudge

This morning that cool Winter breeze started a blowing. It gave me that little extra push to keep going with my cowl.

ps. Im heading off to my sisters this weekend so im planning pics of the blank canvas and can't wait to start creating!

Some days...

I know Im definately looking foward to tomorrow....

Photo courtesy of dreamer soul

snapshot of my day!

Having a lovely stroll down Hastings street with one of my besties- a ladies luncheon was definately in order!

Expresso Martini's all round!

ahhh bless!

Whilst procrastinating on my sisters room decor I stumbled across these super cute little upcycled items from OnceIWas . Funk up that winter jacket with one of these brooches!

Check out these other items- I think the pin cushions would be a smashing gift for any crafty friends!

Austrian 'pillow doll'- (limited edition)

Barley & Lavender pillow

Barley & Lavender eye pillow

  'Bird & Beads' garland     

 Happy Sunday everyone! x