Weekends are for friends

I love having visitors over. Time to explore the local treats on offer and who better to share you're spoils with??

Our close friends recently did a mini trip to see us a 6 hour round trip for a couple of days. First stop... Le Monde Cafe for cocktails! oh happy hour....

The end results im afraid...

Cute little nook for boozy nights

The boys enjoying a lurrverly cocktail or 3?

Having a friend who is a DJ also comes in handy for reving up the night. Although it seemed to be sponsored by Mac?

Although I must admit the Saturday frivolities of sangria and card games made for a nice afternoon of giggles.

What did your weekend hold?? Happy Monday lovelies!

Linda x.

A trip down memory lane

I get really excited with bits and pieces I find around the place and want to share them with you. These are my best finds to date.

I hope you enjoy reading these over a warm cup of tea -relaxing! Have a great weekend! Ive got some wonderful friends visiting at the moment. What mischief will we get up to today? 

Linda xxx.

Wish lists

All this talk of renovating reality television shows has really got my cogs turning. My urge and drive to find my perfect digs is now becoming unbearingly painful. I see so many beautiful things out and about during the day, and living in a tiny unit has definately snuffed out my urge to buy any new homeware pieces. In saying all this- it has not stopped my eyes from sifting through the internet for items that quite frankly make me weak at the knees. I think this will be some of my wish list.

These chicks Camilla and Olivia are the masterminds behind MOZI

Where to start on their deliciousness of the fabrics? Quirky designs? Posh practicality?

I'll share my favourite practical MOZI product which is the shower cap range. Eat your heart out to any other shower cap I have owned. This deluxe cap is super cute but made with such quality elastic there are no chances of sneaky water creeping its way inside your dry locks. (I know its crazy I could talk up a shower cap!). 

Cute right?

My family got decked out with MOZI stuff for Christmas last year. The cool thing about these products are that the price points allow for any budget.

Mumsy dear looked amazing in her apron with matching oven mit over Christmas!
Anywho.... back to my wish list

I love making my guests room a true home away from home. I love the welcome feeling of beautiful linen and heavenly bedspreads. Comfort lighting and bath products to soak away the tired travelling legs makes me smile.

What do you like to do for your guests? I love a cocktail night and tapas! Easy and will definately please!

Wonderful Weekends!

I hope the weather is pleasant in you're neck of the woods this weekend.


Linda. xxx.
The old blog posts have been a bit thin on of late... i must apologise! Ive been online shopping the shit out of local organic shops, supporting local hand make artisians and visiting organic beauty therapists (and plumping the rest of the day with vast hours of work!)

My office desk - nb. filing

My little love obsession with local organics started when my Herbalist  gave me some 'Loving Earth' chocolate. Chocolate on a detox you say? Well these little bad boys have no nasty chemicals or  bad sugars. The fact that they are rich, full of flavour and made with love means you don't need to devour the entire block for some sugary satisfaction.  In fact Loving Earth have a disgustingly delish range of organic and wildcrafted functional foods- I went on a bit of a spending spree for some guilt free snacks. They will ship inside Australia and out yonder internationally. Definately worth it. You're tastebuds will be doing backflips.

 I had a fight with the kitchen cupboards last week and was smothered in plastic bags. In Australia we are slowly trying to phase out plastic shopping bags, but none the less they accumulate (what do you use in your supermarket? do shops charge extra for you to use plastic bags??).

My super crafty friend Casey over at BITS AND BOBS has solved my problem in one foul swoop! Check out these super handy, practical, beautiful hand made plastic bag holders. I couldn't pick between these two- So i got both!

Casey has stunning hand made pieces which she sells at the local markets and online via her Facebook shop. Im sure she would work out an international shipping price if need be. Casey has amazing taste and all of her fabrics make me weak at the knees!

In between work clients I needed to check out my buddy Deb's new Soothe shoppe. How nice does this sound?  ... Sign. Me. Up.

Using only the best quality organic and natural products and treatments in a calm and relaxing environment, even the towels and cotton accessories are organic.
 This is the little pack I walked away with. Its like a test taster of some of the products. The face exfoliant is my favourite. Le Sigh.

Thats all in latest news. Im heading off for a birthday bash this weekend, but have made a little ode to myself to get hopping on my posts.

Happy Thursday Peeps.

Linda xxx.