A new blank canvas

I enjoyed a beautiful weekend at my sister and brother in laws new pad. After a few bottles of celebratory champers we got a talkin'....my sister was stuck for ideas for an empty space in the house and from this I inherited an empty room as my new pet project. I was stoked... then i remembered it was my sister and her husband who have a very strict idea on what they like and definately what they don't like.

So my brief from them is that they want it black and white in keeping with the general interior house colours, and a tight budget. So ive been devoting some time trawling the internet, magazines and environments for inspiration... but i've also been thinking about how im going to inject some colour...eeek!

Elgin and Hall

Suggestions Please!!!!

Happy Mondays!

I hope everyone had a great weekend complete with cups of tea and toast in bed and little sleep ins. I was tempted my the markets however opted for a nice bike ride along the river.

This morning whilst wrapped up in bed I was checking out Frankie Magazine & this beautiful cup of chai really struck a cord with me. Thank you Jo Walker who wrote the article for your inspiration this morning as I love a good cup of tea- especially ones you can make yourself at home. Nothing beats chai made from scratch or if the day is long get your mits on Byron Chai- most little cafes sell it.... and it is YUM!

A tea that i'm loving at the moment (and im hoping it will materialise on my bedside) is Zhenas Gypsy Fair trade organic tea- particularly the green tea with goji berry and cacao. Its like rasberries and chocolate all rolled into one. Check out the gorgeous tins it comes in and some of the other varieties!

 Goji Cacao Berry

 Pomegranate Rose - my taste buds say YES

Egyptian Mint -  Exotic bliss!

I raise my cup of tea- Chink! heres to a good week! x


These gorgeous pieces from St Erasmus are stunning and will definately add that certain something to your Friday!

Winter Wonderland

When my gorgeous little pooch was injured he needed some strict rest (which I knew was going to be hard as he really enjoys being my little shadow around the house) I needed a new hobby, so I decided to teach myself to knit. I use the term 'teach myself' loosely as I jumped on youtube and was shown the art of knitting. A few dropped stitches later I was knitting my way towards a ye old faithful scarf.  But this got me thinking, surely there is more out there in this big wide world of wool other than my scruffy looking scarf.


Henrick Vibskov Knit Chair cover

Knit Stools

Melanie Porter

The final verdict is that when Winter arrives a pot of freshly brewed tea, my knitting (which translates to a good book), myself and one of those chairs has a date!

Wrap me up

While on the hunt for the perfect piece of property, I can't help but to design rooms in my mind. My headspace is now completely wrapped in wallpaper. But who can blame me after seeing these crush worthy caravans from Decor Maison.  


These Swedish designs are now found on the shores of Perth, Australia at Scandinavian Wallpaper and Design. So maybe just maybe, my wallpaper dreams will come true.

Eclipsed by the moon!

I got totally lost in this outfit! Where to start? That hat? That jacket? oh dear me! I want it all!

This label out of France has it covered! Not only does Moonchild have stunning clothes but they are big on ethics! All the things you want in a fashion label.  I'll definately take my new hat off to them!