grey? silver?


The Silver Fox?.... er... The Silver back?..... hmmm... The Snow Leopard... hmmm nope. I just can't class it up. GREY HAIRS. A whole clump of them has invaded the side of my head! WTF? Im 26 years young. Im in my prime dammit.  SOS call to my mother- who in the most motherly (annoying at point of crisis) tone informs me that she is 'suprised that I have kid myself for so long' and 'haven't realised sooner'. .... im so confused. what? pfft. As if all my hairdressers have lovingly taken my hard earned minimal wage money since I was 14 years old.. and not one of them has informed me of the 'grey clumping issue' happening above my ear?? 

     ..."Welcome to my world, darling".

Gee thanks Mum.

Linda Green. 26 years of age.


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