Happy Mondays!

I hope everyone had a beaut weekend. Im still excited from the op shop (thrift store) finds! Despite my little glassware treats, we got this great interior fabric which will be perfect for our van. Yah!

Simon driving us home from thrifting! 

Simon (BF) and I have a van that we are currently fitting out so it will make our lives alot more easier when we go doofing. Ive been pondering over colour schemes and practicalities etc. Yer Yer... its gotta be dark etc, so blacks, purples, midnight blues, but i needed PIZAZZ!

So the pondering manifested into a great deal of blogsurfing (hang in there with me there is a segway to the interior of the van). There are some chicks out there who seriously crack me up! Their writing style is fantastic not to mention the accompanying photos. Anyyywhhooo... so there I was cracking up at Erin's blog, particularly the 'Apartment Bullsh*t' section where she was sharing her tale of the much awaited bedspread... then i was thinking..."definately worth the wait Erin- cool colours, INFACT... even cooler... the zebra"

Total van lightbulb moment-  the sneeky new addition to my interior van colour scheme....ZEBRA PRINT.

eeep! I think the inside of our van is going to be sooo delish we won't even be bothered with the outdoors! hahah.

These colours

Definately add some silver
and turquoise/blues


Van of dreams!


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