Travelling gypsy- Prologue

My inner gypsy has taken over of late, I haven't been able to sit with my laptop long enough to capture the happenings on a page. Alas, I am now enjoying my decandant mini get-away so I have nothing but time on my hands to drink wine and fall over my laptop. 

Last Saturday morning Simon & I excitedly were dropped off at the airport to begin our week long Victorian adventure- where we were greeted with Queenslands capital city domestic airport being closed due to bad weather. The weather may have been damp but our spirits were not.

Such a bleak start to the holiday but in all honesty Simon & I have a bit of a rubbish track record with holiday beginnings- but I was delighted to be stuck on the ground in a dry airport with ample trashy magazines, booze and people waching to be had vs. In the sky, hectic turbulance, cramped space with 100 other crazy's freaking out about crashing into the ocean- heck that would have been on my mind!!

This mini get away was inspired a few months ago. The brain child of my pen pal and I realising the lack of down time to really catch up with close friends.

The 6 of us were all planning to arrive at staggered times during Saturday in Melbourne- although due to the weather conditions one friend had been redirected to another city and her 3 hour journey manifested into 6 hours.. eep! The remaining five of us ended up landing around the same time suprisingly catching up with each other early. Such a nice suprise ~ it wasn't all clouds and rain.

I was really excited to visit Melbourne a) because i have never been there before b) it had recently pipped Vancouver at the post been voted the most livable city in the world, and I wanted to sink my teeth into that title c) oh! and the shopping oh! the shopping.

Watch this space for the captains log of happenings.

Linda xxx.


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