Time out!

Isn't it funny how life just rushes past you? Ive been noticing my ever increasing overtime at work and a definate decrease to my social life. I miss my friends. I hate how facebook has replaced spending good old quality time with those people in your life that matter. 

A dear friend and I have been writing letters to each other- which I love! I just love waiting for her letters to arrive in the post. It makes me think about the 'old times' (before phones were invented), when girls would wait for their friends letter to arrive to update them with all the gossip. Imagine the excitement when it would arrive. So my friend and I got a talkin'... and we soon realised that none of us (close friends) had REALLY seen each other to catch up (if we removed work, facebook, texting etc). 

This little nest egg developed.

1. We needed to take the time out of busy lives to see each other. In real life.
2. We needed a space in which we could all stay and hang out. Cook beautiful meals for each other. Watch our favourite movies. Play board games and cards. Teach each other to do things- my friend has asked me to teach her to knit.
3. Actually follow through with this idea.

So we took charge. By chance i'd just finished lusting over The Lark House in Daylesford, Victoria- Australia. It looked like the perfect place for us pals to CHILL!

I got creating the invites. I made it clear that we all needed to pay upfront for the house. That way no one was left with paying extra for those people who pull out. (we all know how much that sucks).

You’re Invited
to an intimate week with close friends to celebrate friendships in pure decadence.

Where: “The Lark House”
 Dylesford, Victoria.

So our little nest egg is going ahead as planned. We have planned it for October. That way no one is pushed to find cash at the last minute. We can all plan to get cheap flights. We are all constantly checking out what we can do in the area. Looks like it will be tough enjoying the wineries, farmers markets, cheese, and not to mention the day spas!!! How delicious does this trip sound.

When was the last time you REALLY saw your closest friends? Even took the time to spend with your family? Its amazing how time flies. Its just making the moments in between count. 

Linda. xxx.


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