Food envy!

After living back at the boyfriends parents house in order to save for said house- we have sadly lost the ability to cook and eat what we really love. (I know it sounds like a total cop out, and ive tried to cook them a vege meal but they just aint feeling it). So in memory of the delish raw food we'd eat in the past... i pay homage!

Avocado & Banana smoothie/icecream

This green smoothie/icecream is so delish! I think the green is the challenging bit for some people. I take great pleasure in telling people whats in it- cause they love it so much once they try it! Super easy!

1 frozen banana (cut into 3 sections- for easy blending)
1 ripe avocado
All into the food processor til smooth
other treats you can add:
(raw honey- if you have a sweet tooth) 
choice of seeds (i love sunflower seeds on mine)
maca powder
anything really

cacao balls

These little guys (bad photo) are yummy. I wrap them individually as a treat for the girls at work... I have to warn them about the dates/prunes (runny tummies- eep!). It sure beats the samey cakes that are brought in. The cute wrapping I put them in grabs their attention!

 a cup of dates/prunes
any seeds you want (i put in sunflower,seasame, linseed)
1/2 cup of raw cacao powder all in a food processor (til desired texture)
I add some lemon/orange zest for a extra yummy flavour
roll into balls and allow to set in fridge 

I have had some serious food (& blog) envy looking these stunning blogs. Please do yourself a favour and check out these blogs. Ive been scribbling down some of these recipes! 

ps. to those listed bloggers (and so many more out there)- kudos. you guys rock!


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