Shifts & Gifts!

I have crawled out from under my sickness rock only to shift house. Shifting house really is the pits. I have shifted alot in the last couple of years and I have vowed that this is the last one. Im buying a house and i'll be staying there for a while. *humpf*. Simon has been diligently heading off to work so i've down the shifting by myself with a cameo appearence from my Mum! (yah mum!). Oh and of course Sanchez.  The dog definately helped out in his own little way.... sitting on the freshly folded clothes pile tower and pushing it over or laying on the towels.

Although I think he though I was going to leave him behind so the minute I put his dog bed in the car that is where he was staying put til we left.  Very cute I thought!

Forget me not. x.  

The raddest thing this week is the amount of parcels I have gotten in the post. Mostly online shopping items but my favourite suprise was from the 'Artichoke designs' craft swap'.

My craftswap buddy was Zara over at Zaranne Handmade. I had totally forgotten that we posted our items to each other (I blame the flu). Soooo........ i get this...(I ripped open the parcel before I could take photo of it untouched)... eep so excited.

 A gorgeous little drawstring bag containing another mystery parcel...

I was completely spoilt by Zara. It was really hard to pick a favourite item out of her beautiful treats. I really loved it all. The part that warmed my heart was that she put in a special item for Sanchez. What a gal!!! I can't thank her enough!

I know that Zara has her University exams this week so I wish her the bestest of luck! Hope you rock it girl!

This weekend im off for a roadtrip to my hometown- Rockhampton. My Uncle is having a his 60th birthday. My Uncle and his son (my cousin) have been busy preparing their Hangi pit. Its a traditional Mauri (New Zealand) method of cooking food. When everyone is in there helping, there is such a  sense of community- the women methodically wrapping the food (to ensure it doesn't get covered in dirt) and the men out digging the hole and getting the coals hot is such a nice feeling.

Now that the house is pretty much finished being unpacked I can get ready for the next couple of days at work.

Happy hump day.

Linda xxx.


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