Sunny Saturdays!

What a crazy morning it has been! I woke up all excited that it was Saturday and I could sleep in... but then I was so excited i couldn't sleep! ha. whoops. None the less i've done a mad dash to the shops to make a bacon butty. (Fresh hot bread rolls, bacon) Yum! Watched some mind numbing Disney cartoons and some RAGE. Rather therapeutic and perfect for my dossy Saturday morning.

I have stumbled across this awesome online shop. I definately want NEED to share this with you. Check out the awesome things you can get! These items certainly tickled my fancy!!

Bahhahhah! love this! You like?
A gorgeous suitcase! how delish!! GET IT

I so want need a market/opshop coin purse! Under $10 BARGAIN

No more dry winter skin! Organic Bliss



up!!.. how cool is this wrapping paper?

So these treats can all be found on this Australian based website}

Just one more thing..... THIS IS A LAMP! soooo cute!

Night lights.. eat your heart out

So now im back in bed online shopping! Maybe i could go back to sleep to dream about all these awesome things!!

Happy Weekend!

Linda xxx


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