The weekend collective!

This weekend was a bit eclectic starting off with a frechy crepes Saturday, lye ins which were interupted only be Sanchez's pee breaks and me heading off to work.

Simons turn at taking Sanchez out! Nice dressing gown!

 Farmers markets on Sunday were amazing! I have this gorgeous bakery lady who has a stall of hand made preservative free bread! I picked the garlic and cheese bread this Sunday and it was delish! The free range eggs and other produce was such a hit for a late brunch. The smells at farmers markets definately awake the senses! I think it may be my new ritual.

Winter is on its way here in the Sunshine coast- This morning I had a little furry bundle shivering at my bedside. Lucky for the pooch i'd pulled his wollen coat out with my Winter warmers!

This photo was from Easter Sunday where my little godson really took a shining to his new little easter bunny i whipped up for him. See the little green bunny? He also has an entire Easter chocolate bunny under his other wing (naughty fairy godmother treats) ... i think thats whats grabbed his attention!


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