I love nothing more than finding local organic produce. I was in heaven when I came across MOS Montville Organic Skincare. Deliciousness for your body! (... and soul really).

This is what they say:

 "Our Organic Skin Care Products are handmade & packaged in Australia using organically grown fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables. Our dedicated team create premium botanical products using traditional methods which minimise environmental impact while providing maximum effectiveness".

AWESOME~ Im slowly ditching all my high end comestics/skin care products. Its amazing how in the end you don't own things they begin to own you. I find I get caught up in the marketing of products. However, of late im loving my Sukin range of hair care, in combination with my CHI products from my natural-isk/eco hairdresser.

I love that they are from Australia too! We as a nation always look to overseas for great things when we honestly have such amazing products here in our own backyard.

Moisturising lime and sugar scrub

Apricot and Macadamia cleanser

Orange and oakmoss perfume

Check them out! This calls for some serious Sunday online shopping!!

Happy Sunday!

Linda xxx.


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