Scumptious Sundays!

It has been a little chilly here in Noosa of late so nothing better than a hot chocolate to warm you up. I wanted to share my special vegan recipe.

Linda’s hot coco loco 
(This is a very technical recipe)

Pick your favourite coco loco mug (it will be your measuring cup)

Half a coco loco mug of rice milk

Half a coco loco mug  of coconut milk

One teaspoon of cacao powder


Dissolve the cacao powder in a smidgen of hot boiling water

Put rice milk and coconut milk in a saucepan and heat to boil.
If you have a posh coffee maker you could easily heat this mix and steam/froth it (it actually makes a better hot coco loco)

Once gently boiling, pour rice milk and coconut milk into your dissolved cacao which should be in your desire coco loco mug.
 A nice garnish over the top once you have stirred your coco loco well is cinnamon sugar!

 Who needs flowers when you have a beautiful fruit bowl happening??


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