*tick *tock

Whilst twiddling my thumbs waiting for blogger to get its shit together, I let my fingers do the walking .... walking over to ONLINE SHOPPING! Oh me! Oh my! There is something satisfying about getting a parcel full of treats in the post. Mostly all the parcels have to come from overseas so I nearly always  forget what I have brought... making it even more of a suprise (im very aloof like that).

This week I raided ASOS's website and picked out these little pretties. I was finding my wardrobe was lacking some cute tops and colourful tights!

So with free shipping/postage I couldn't resist a bargain! Do you have any secret online shops you love and want to share??

The bestest (hmmm not a word) postage suprise last week was my stamps from Ashley at Under those neon lights. Seriously soooo cute! That is one talented chicklette! After seeing how great the stamps in real life i've been planning which ones I want to get next. Treat yourself with a good old fashioned stamp. They jazz up any old dull paper.

I think my pen pal will like her envelope!

Here's to a great weekend!

Linda xxx


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