Vego week!

On Sunday I headed to the Noosa farmers markets and got some really yummy produce. I got it home and layed it all out and thought to myself..'wow.. there is no real reason why I can't have a purely vegetarian week'.... sooo this is it kids! I know a week isn't that hard but i want to really focus on cooking some delish and inventive meals that will keep both Simon and myself interested. How can you not be interested when your plate looks like an edible rainbow! Check out my clean up from the markets...

 I know! I know! you may be thinking... whats with the chocolate?? well there is this amazing local chocolatier.... freshly made marshmellow for rocky road? Macadamia nut brittle and fresh licorice chocolate bullets? who could resist???

This stromboli bread is YUM! Its a total mouth-gasm. I love the ingredients list. The added love definately helps.

Soooooo my new mystery fruit that i picked up (well its obviously no mystery but i've never brought it before or cooked with it).... drum roll....

How beautiful is it??? The little jewels/seeds (really called 'arils') are delish. I never realised that this is what grenadine is made from. Ive clearly been living under a rock.  Pomegranate is an ancient fruit that many cultures and religions have many different purposes and beliefs for. Checking out recipes and the nitty gritty of this fruit is really interesting. who would have thought???

Does anyone have any beautiful pom pom recipes out there??

I made a delish breakfast frozen banana and avocado smoothie with tinned peach and a scoop of Amazing grass superfood to boost it. Yum! its pretty green colour and uummm... interesting? looking to say the least.

Hhaahha i know. It looks terrible. Try making it just with the avo and banana (ive blogged about them before)- YUM!

So day one is down and totally loving it.

Hot tips would be greatly welcomed!!

Happy Mondays!

Linda xxx


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